What is a KVM Server? Benefits of KVM Server Technology

KVM Server

In this blog post, we will be discussing what is KVM server, the importance of a web server, and the advantages of KVM server technology.

The remarkable rise in internet usage and evolving business models have compelled companies and organizations to re-assess their corresponding marketing efforts. A fast professional website has become the most fundamental tool needed to promote any business.

A website plays a role in establishing your brand online and infusing confidence in your clients. Firms spend a fortune in developing a site that can efficiently showcase their brand.

While the design, aesthetics, and layouts are crucial, the maintenance of the backend setup matters more. Getting that right is the initial step. A server is the home of your website. Hence, when you plan to build a site, it is ideal to know the servers.

Know the Importance of Web Hosting Server

The server that is utilized to host a site affects the website loading time, uptime, and availability. This can result and have effects on various aspects such as client experience and Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

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Moreover, you can opt for our Managed VPS Hosting plans that come with full root access, SSD storage, DDoS protection, and more. These outstanding features will assure that you get the top-notch performance of your site. You receive all the benefits of the KVM server which we will be discussing later.

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What is a KVM Server?

KVM or Kernel-based Virtual Machine is an open-source technology built into Linux that enables virtualization. Virtualization necessarily signifies building a ‘virtual’ form of a resource. This is achieved by utilizing a KVM Hypervisor. A KVM hypervisor is a thin layer of software that allows a sole piece of hardware to host several machines virtually. This also helps in managing these virtual machines.

Each and every hypervisor does need the operating system level components to operate virtual machines. As KVM is a part of Linux Kernel, it has all the necessary components to operate Virtual Machines.

KVM hypervisor is a Type 1 or native hypervisor that operates on the host’s hardware to manage and control guest virtual machines. KVM has the capability to run a VPS so effectively that it can harmonize the performance of a physical server.

Migrating to a KVM Hypervisor likewise offers you access to the source code. This allows your developers to inspect, access, modify, and enhance the source code of your hypervisor. KVM server is wealthy in features that can do miracles for your website and business.

Advantages of KVM Server Technology

KVM Hypervisor’s robust features assure that the organization is capable to take maximum advantage of KVM server technology.

Let’s see a few of the prime parameters that positively influence your website.


The website loading time is crucial in terms of client experience. Exceptional speeds will help in enhancing your SEO. Linux kernel virtualization helps in lower latency and more enhanced prioritization. It segregates the process that requires longer computing time into smaller components. In the end, these are scheduled and processed respectively.


The security of a website and its data is the topmost priority. If the website gets compromised or prone to attacks, there could be serious consequences for your business. KVM utilizes a mixture of secure virtualization (sVirt) and security-enhanced Linux (SELinux) which improves security as well as isolation.


KVM equips several memory management features like kernel same-page merging and non-uniform memory access. It includes storage options like local disks and network-attached storage. A high degree of customization assures that your site functions as per need.


KVM is highly scalable and ensures that your website operates ideally, even if there is a surge in website traffic. As your website grows, the traffic will increase. A KVM server can handle, manage, and allot resources as per the needs. This assures that your website will neither lag nor crash in case of an event of a traffic surge. This feature ensures quick website loading speed and offers a satisfactory client experience.


Your server requires to be reliable so that your website doesn’t crash regularly. KVM is highly reliable and comes in with a wide set of hardware support. The reliability assures that clients can access your website without any obstacles.

Web hosting is extremely crucial for business. Slow website loading and other technical problems can lead to high bounce rates and impact your business in the long run. An organization must choose a hosting service provider that offers robust services and utilizes the latest technologies.