Difference Between Colocation Server Hosting and Dedicated Hosting?

colocation server hosting

In this blog post, we will discuss the difference between colocation server hosting and dedicated hosting. So let’s get started.

The significant aspect of any computing infrastructure is the hosting plan. Businesses usually find confused during the selection procedure, The best hosting plan for your business depends purely on the particular needs of your business. You can read this guide “types of Web server” to clear doubts regarding webserver.

Now let’s see what a colocation server hosting is?

What is Colocation Server Hosting?

Colocation server hosting is the type of hosting where you lease out an empty stack in the rack and supply the server. Here the clients own the servers and claim complete authority over the hardware and software. But, the storage facility is liable for maintaining a secure server environment. The sole functions of data centers are power supply, cooling, and internet connectivity. Colocation data centers offer a high level of security. Hence, for enterprises that are looking for complete control over their servers, this type of hosting is an ideal option.

Few Benefits of Colocation Server Hosting

  • Freedom to build your server exactly the way you need it. Easily customize the system according to the needs of the system.
  • It facilitates several cybersecurity protocols like firewalls. These help in the recovery of data if at all there is an infringement.
  • You can set a dedicated line separating your office and the colocation plant. This shows a physical on-site presence of the server when they are truly saved securely in a data center.
  • It reduces the cost to an extent as floor space is reduced.
  • The presence of servers in a colocation center enables businesses to obtain access to the high-speed bandwidth of the host.
  • Colocation facilities offer industry-grade cooling equipment to guarantee that your server always runs at a particular temperature. Hence the server operates efficiently.

What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

In Dedicated server hosting, you lease a whole existing physical server and its components from the hosting service provider. Here, the client doesn’t own the server. Rather, the hardware functions are the only liability of the host. The host needs to maintain the hardware, upgrade it, and install software updates. As a result, you are not only renting the server hardware but also the power cooling and network connectivity the server needs.

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Few Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting

  • No need to buy expensive hardware as the data center owners are liable for the supply
  • No sharing of disk space, bandwidth, or any other resources. The server is completely dedicated to you
  • Server maintenance is the liability of the data centers and so you don’t need to bother about it. Likewise, the data center will be held liable for any hardware component failure.
  • Free to scale your servers as the business grows.
  • Dedicated server hosting offers a unique IP address for your business site.

Which is the best colocation server hosting or dedicated server hosting?

The decision of picking the right server hosting completely depends on you and the needs of your business enterprise.

Colocation server hosting is ideal for medium to large businesses without an existing server environment. It gives more control over the infrastructure.

On the contrary, dedicated server hosting helps you to scale in response to the changing conditions. The scaling doesn’t require you to buy new hardware. You will have access to high-speed internet and modern server technologies. Additionally, you don’t have to bother about the maintenance of the listed features.

The perfect server hosting should be chosen as per the individual business needs.

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