What is a Dedicated Server? Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting

In this blog post, we will be discussing what is a Dedicated Server and the benefits of a Dedicated Server Hosting. So, let’s get started.

Large businesses, e-commerce websites, and portals that entertain a huge number of consumer requests regularly have technical needs than medium-sized businesses or startups. And all these distinct technicalities play a vital role in deciding the height of success that these websites would foresee in months and years of operation.

Being a responsible business, you should know where you are investing and how much you are investing.

Before discussing the benefits of dedicated server hosting, let’s see what is a dedicated server.

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What is a Dedicated Server?

Dedicated server or to be more particular, dedicated server hosting is the type of hosting service that gives you the authority to manage the whole server and its facilities. In dedicated server hosting, there is no sharing of resources. The hardware and software portions of the server are all yours. Hence, you can use it several components for your favor purpose.

Usually, any hosting provider would help you in setting up your preferred operating system for your dedicated server. With dedicated server hosting plans you can fully operate the server at your consent. A dedicated server can be rebooted as and when needed and the software that is operating on can be fully customized.

Additionally, a dedicated server hosting guarantees to offer full ownership of the hardware. The hardware includes a hard drive, memory space, storage capacity, network access, and processing power of a dedicated server that would fully belong to you. No other business would be permitted to use your software or hardware components if you use a dedicated server.

E-commerce businesses that constantly get thousands of requests every day are suggested to choose dedicated server hosting plans if they are thinking to get seamless hosting.

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Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated hosting will cost you much more than a shared and slightly more than a managed VPS hosting. However, with the kind of results it gives, it is obviously worth the investment. Below we will see the proven benefits of having your business website hosted on a dedicated server hosting.


This the biggest benefit of owning a dedicated server. As the bandwidth and space are yours, you can do several things with your website and still have it running 24/7. This is the most common issue encountered by businesses that are hosted on shared servers. The performance of a site gradually decreases as shared hosting can deal with the traffic.

In such an event, if the support offered by the web host is not optimal, your website may face downtime for a long time and in extreme cases, it will be like for 4-6 hours. Imagine the business loss you need to incur in case of such events. However, with a dedicated server, you can evade such unwanted possibilities.


A dedicated server basically means that the confidential data of all your users, making transactions on your site are among you and your host. Even though shared servers also guarantee the security of data, a dedicated server does not leave any opportunity for data poisoning.

As no third party will be hosted on the same server as yours, your data will not face any event of accidental leaking or manipulation.


One of the biggest positives of a dedicated server is that you can easily customize the modules fully to tune your business needs. Shared servers need a level of rigidity as the web host has to keep the average need insight while planning and designing the configuration of the server.

As a dedicated server is completely yours, your host would agree to configure it as per your needs.

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