Service Level Agreement

Service Level Agreement

This service level agreement defines the standard level of services that every website hosting customers could expect from 10GB Hosting. It tries to quantify the service level that the client expects from us and if in case we fail to provide service at those levels then we will offer solutions for it. 10GB Hosting offers 99% uptime and reactive hosting service. As for maintenance, regular use and software updates could impact website function so we do not regularly check our hosted websites to make sure they function correctly. Hence it is the liability of the client to make sure the website is working perfectly. On a case by case basis ‘Always on’ and ‘managed hosting services’ support can be offered.

99.9% Network and Servers Uptime

10GB Hosting ensures that the client’s website that is hosted on the 10GB Hosting servers and network exempting maintenance as described below. Network downtime can be described as the hosted website of the client is not able to be displayed over the internet because of the failure caused by managed and owned by 10GB Hosting, excluding emergency or scheduled maintenance. Maintenance means either emergency maintenance or scheduled maintenance. Scheduled Maintenance implies any maintenance in the 10GB Hosting servers or network of which the client is notified 5 days before maintenance. Emergency maintenance implies such maintenance in 10GB hosting servers or networks that is essential to prevent an instant threat to the 10GB hosting network or server or client’s server.

Response times

We at 10GB Hosting offer technical support on FCFS(First come First served Basis).  We strive to at least acknowledge, if not completely solve, all emails to our advertised support address([email protected]) in 4 working hours. We try to respond to the phones while working hours, but during times of high demand or staff sickness, may delay in responding where we guarantee to answer all messages as quickly as possible.


For such sites hosted by 10GB Hosting that has been built on the WordPress Platform, please be knowledgeable that WordPress irregularly releases software updates which signify that 10GB Hosting may require to make updates for your sites. It is not certain how many times WordPress will roll out an update, However, we assume it is around 4-8 times in a year. The more time is required to create updates to that website if the WordPress site has more functionality. WordPress updates are not regarded as the maintenance of a website. 10GB Hosting reactively for updates that clients point out the error in functionality or informed about any critical change. However, take note that 10GB Hosting should not be held liable for failure caused in any functionality through an update to the plugin or a WordPress. Hosting fee covers all cost of the updates.

For Virtual Private, Dedicated and Shared Hosting Clients.

On our Dedicated servers, virtual servers and shared hosting service, our SLA is as follows:
  • Power: 100%
  • Network: 100%
  • Server Uptime: 99.9%
In case of a server hardware failure that cannot be fixed, we assure you that the faulty hardware will be replaced within four hours from the report. The hardware here can be described as a hard disk(s), RAM, motherboard, NIC card and other associated hardware incorporated with the server. This guarantee does not include the case where there is a requirement to rebuild a RAID array and the reload of some operating systems, processors and applications. However, customized server hosting solutions are not included. In case of any failure of parts, we cover parts and labour costs included in labour warranty. We will charge nothing for replacing the failed component. In case of any failure or issue of our server, we will make sure that within 15 minutes a qualified engineer will be dealing with the problem. However, you will be informed in case of a problem that cannot be solved in 15 minutes. Each time we will send estimated time taken to solve the problem.  We will be regularly updating you until the issue is solved. Once the issue is solved we will send an engineer’s report.

Renewals/ Cancellation/ Refunds

Web hosting runs semi-annual, annual, biannual, and triannual billing cycle. 15 days before the renewal or due date for monthly and quarterly billing cycle we will send account renewal reminders and for semi-annual, annual, biannual, and triannual billing cycle we will send renewal 30 days prior to due date or renewal. All unpaid accounts past renewal/ due date will be given a grace period of five days. On the 6 th day past the due date, a notification email will be sent and hosting service will be suspended. If backups purchased will only be applicable after dues are paid within the suspension period. After the suspension of the account, we give a grace period of 5 days to pay renewal fees/ dues. However, once the grace period of 5 days is over, we will terminate your account permanently. And once your account gets terminated, we cannot ensure the recovery of your data. If the invoices are paid, we will still try to recover data past this point but cannot ensure that the data could be successfully restored.

Cancellation and Refund

All cancellation request should be made by clicking the cancellation link found in the product details section. For more information contact our customer support team. We do not accept cancellation request made through live chat or phone. For all cancellation requests, 7 working days notice is required. Cancellation requests will be processed Monday to Friday, 8 am to 6 pm excluding USA bank holidays. For cancellation of the shared hosting account, the charges for the free domain will be deducted from the amount to be refunded. The domain will be free only for the first year in case of gTLDs and 2 years in case of .uk TLDs. Renewal charges will have to be paid as applicable at the time of renewal. Applicable TLDs comprised under free domain registration/transfer offer are .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .eu, .co.uk, .org.uk, .me.uk. Domain registration/transfer charges will be payable if you wish to cancel your hosting or wish to transfer your domain name to another service provider during its registration period. Services that are not eligible for refunds are domain name registrations, software licenses, SSL certificates, WHOIS protection, VPS and Dedicated Servers. Refunds will only be processed to the originating payment medium. Usually to process refunds it can take 5 working days. However, depending upon the payment type. the time taken for funds to reach you will vary. If a refund which is requested by the Client is to an international bank account outside of the USA, the Customer consents to bear all charges incurred to us for the payment transfer. The amount which the Customer owes us shall be deducted from the total refund amount.