6 Reasons Why Load Testing is Important For Your Website?

Why Load Testing is Important

In this blog post, we will be discussing why load testing is important for your website and why you should do website load testing regularly. So let’s get started.

Before looking at the reasons why load testing is important for your site? let’s understand, what load testing is?

What is Load Testing?

Load testing is a testing method that checks if the system server can manage a specific load within the acknowledged limits.

In a nutshell, load testing means checking your website/app under severe load.

Here, a severe load signifies the high volumes of simultaneous incoming traffic. A substantial amount of requests to the webserver, dynamic activities, and getting the content in a short span.

As the trend of online shopping is growing, load testing is becoming important.

Now let’s see why load testing is important and why it needs to be done regularly.

Reasons Why Load Testing Is Important

Below are the reasons why load testing is important for your website:

Real Users Simulations

The first and foremost thing is to check how your site performs in the real user environment.

Through load testing, the test of API endpoints, your hosting resources, bandwidth, the loading speed of the webpage, third-party apps, and functionality under severe loads will be taken.

You need to know how your site will perform for thousands of users. The test will inform you of the bugs, errors, bottlenecks, and challenges that could arise for real users.

Additionally, good load test scripts imitate real user practices and utilize patterns to offer quality insight into the website’s performance.

Performance Under Load

Performance indicators like memory leakage, response time, CPU, TTFB (Time to First Byte), etc might be ideal for the single user.

However, when facing a load of thousands of users across the world, several of these indicators will begin throwing error signals. The speed of a website is crucial for search engine optimization and the speed decreases while there is an enormous amount of hits on the server.

By performing a load test on your website, you can identify the issues that could lead to website crashes and solve those problems accordingly. This way, the real visitors and clients won’t meet site errors and ultimately there won’t be any loss of revenue.

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Determining Scalability of Application

Load testing helps in determining the maximum possible number of users that the website can handle at a given point in time.

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Lower Downtime

This is one of the crucial reasons why load testing is important for your website.

Once you get a rough estimate of how many users your website can handle concurrently without the site crashing, you can avoid downtime to an extent.

For people who don’t know what downtime is, let me tell you downtime is the time duration wherein the site is unavailable or is not functioning properly for the users. In most cases, it happens while backend resources are not adequate.

To prevent this from happening, you need to set the resources as per the needs of the website. Your website must be well prepared to withstand the surge in traffic. Else your website may have to face downtime.

Through load testing, you can know your site’s potential, the max point till your site goes down, and accordingly, you can use extra resources to prevent it.

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Don’t Irritate Your Website Users

Users get irritated by slow loading sites and website crashes. They are less forgiving to such web issues and in case of downtime, they may even post on social media regarding such issues.

Even Google says, nearly 40% of users will leave the site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Not only you will lose the trust of Google and get deranked on the Search Engine’s Result Page (SERP), but also will lose your potential clients as they don’t trust those sites that do not function properly.

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Irregular Holiday Traffic

You will most likely find irregular traffic while festivals and holidays.

With the festivals like Halloween, Diwali, Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Christmas, the shopping spree comes out of people. People are keen to buy products and services on such days.

If you are doing any marketing activities like running offers or deals, you should be well prepared for the traffic surge. Mismanagement of the website resources will have a negative impact and may result in downtime and people will term your site as a scam.

The last reason why load testing is important is, with load testing, you can plan for such challenges beforehand and scale the resources accordingly.

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I hope, through this post you understand why load testing is important.

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