Does Server Location Impact Website SEO? What You Need to Know


Server Location impact website SEO and how it’s working. Several other factors too impact website SEO. If you don’t know what server location is then we will explain to you.

Basically, the server location of your website simply means the location of the data center where your website is hosted.

It is one of the most crucial factors as it will affect your website aspects such as SEO, load time, speed, and several other important factors.

The server and the hosting provider don’t need to be from the same country. The chances are high that your business is situated in India and your servers are located in Singapore. Likewise, the server location of your website is also dependent on several factors.

So if your business location is in then selecting US-based or Australia-based server is not a wise choice

We will be looking on how server location impact website SEO

How the server location impact website SEO

Whenever a user with the help of a browser sends requests for a file or media to the server, the server takes some seconds to serve the request of the client. So the time taken by the server to fetch and respond to the request of the user is known as Latency.

In order to ensure that the data reaches as quickly as possible, it is transmitted through the most utmost effective, and the quickest of the network passages accessible on the internet. Even a minute delay in the transmission of data can drive to a failure in conversion rate and negatively impact the effectiveness of the overall marketing of the website.

So in this case the nearest server location is necessary for faster response and more conversions.

Impact on a Website Speed due to local Web Hosting

Website Speed is directly proportional to the nearness of the location of the data center of your website’s server. It simply means the website will load quickly if the data center of your website’s server is closer to users.

Similarly, if the webserver is located in another continent or far from the user then it will negatively impact the website as the website’s latency will gradually increase and affect website load time.

How search engines see server location?

For optimal results, the location of the server should be as close as possible and in the vicinity to the end-users. Hence for the faster loading of the site, it is of utmost importance to opt for a server that is hosted in as close to the target audience.

With the help of webmaster tools, you can select a target country according to your preferences. The suffix .in in the domain name of your website is designated for India and will not permit you to pick any other country or area even though your target audience is situated there.

Is Server Location Crucial for Geo-Targeting?

While utilizing certain Geo-Targeting tools such as ccTLD or any other preferable tool, you can overlook the specification and take the freedom to be not so picky about your server location.

Here we should pick such server locations that are near to end-users, this way it will not only improve website speed but also will grab customers. In the end, the search engine ranks those sites which have a good response time as it plays an important role website’s SEO. So server location impact website SEO


Server location impacts a website in several ways but most importantly server location impacts website SEO. Start web hosting business with 10GB Hosting, It hosting provides the best services according to requirements at cost-effective prices without compromising the quality.