Advantages of cPanel for Your Reseller Hosting Account

Advantages of cPanel

The advantages of cPanel are diverse. It gives you complete control over your whole business by an easy single-click feature. For people who don’t know what cPanel is? they could refer to the below definition.

What is cPanel?

cPanel is an online control panel that eases website and server management. It serves the Linux Hosting service user control official task of hosting.

If you are thinking the cPanel is a common management tool? Then you are wrong, cPanel is way more than merely a management tool. To know more, read the full article.

Advantages of cPanel For You and Your Clients

Being a Reseller Hosting user, you need to ensure that not only you but also your clients take maximum advantage from your services

Interactive User Interface

The interface of cPanel is simple to navigate and user friendly. cPanel’s simple usage benefits both your client and you with several features that make it simple to handle all website and server associated functions. You can even remotely reboot your system or shutdown with the one-click features. Additionally, technical skills are not required to operate and manage cPanel.

Easy Account Management

With cPanel it is easier to handle and supervise all the characteristics of your Reseller Hosting account. Setting automated discounts and multiple pre-integrated payment gateways is now simple cPanel easy account management. Furthermore, get a detailed risk assessment and tax reports. Daily important tasks are eased with the help of cPanel which increases business productivity.

Highly Configurable

cPanel being a highly configurable control panel lets you match with your brand identity. Some of the customizations that can be done are adding custom Url branding, do HTML customizations or you can also add your brand logo to make look and feel elite. Likewise, it also lets you do nameserver branding.

Effectively Handle List and Orders Management

cPanel lets you effectively handle contact lists or order list. With cPanel get detailed information for contact or add contact information, search or add clients, verify pending order lists, add funds to your client accounts, etc that makes it complete product management.

Offers Customer Gratification

The advantages of cPanel are inadequate without specifying how it serves not only you but also your clients. Being a Reseller Hosting user giving a full product and client gratification is no doubt is one of your top preferences and cPanel helps you offer just that. Your clients will have a full overview of your account and can simply view pending and paid invoices.

Grow and Help your Clients to Grow

With a Reseller Hosting account, it brings a wide range of products that not only lets you estimate your business but also helps in estimating the business of your clients. Easily manage everyday tasks and overall business management with the advantages of cPanel.


We hope that you might have gained information of what are the advantages of cPanel for your reseller hosting account through this article. Also you can visit our site for reseller hosting plans.