Free Let’s Encrypt SSLs for everyone

free let's encrypt SSL

To encrypt as much WWW traffic as possible, Let’s Encrypt is introducing itself as a new Certificate Authority. They issue free Let’s Encrypt SSL security certificates for your website. Let’s Encrypt is supported by companies such as Akamai, Mozilla, Cisco, the Internet Security Research Group, the EFF, and others. They aim to give free, spontaneous, and secure certificates so that each website can be secured with free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate.

Similarly, in September of 2014, CloudFlare started giving its universal SSL to all websites using Cloud Flare. So this, not the first attempt at offering free SSLs to encrypt the majority of the web traffic.

Why is it crucial to encrypt your traffic?

The traffic which is not unencrypted across the internet can easily be monitored. Such traffic could easily be peeked by anyone and spy on anyone. We at 10GB Hosting are obliged to make sure that you get the best encryption

The visitors get assurance whenever they see the lock icon in the address bar. The icon indicates that the traffic amongst the website and your computer is secure.

In the beginning, it might not seem to be important to you. However, let me give an example so you can understand why is it important. For instance, imagine that you are shopping on a website that does not use SSL, and while you pay with your credit card and on entering the details of your car you realize that your data or card details are not encrypted and could be seen by anyone who was between the transmission. Isn’t it Scarry?

In case you want to secure the traffic among visitors and your website you can purchase an SSL certificate from us at only £9.99/year.

At 10 GB Hosting you can install a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate on your domain hosted by us. They are utterly equal to quite any other paid certificate, they offer similar levels of encryption and security. They are acknowledged over all major browsers and are simple to install and manage. The solely huge difference is, while traditional certificates are valid for a year and above. Let’s Encrypt’s certificates are valid for 90 days but can be simply renewed and are available for no cost. We still continue to provide our paid SSL certificates that you can buy.

At present only domain validated SSLs are supported by Let’s Encrypt and seems like there are no plans ahead to offer Extended Validated certificates.