What is cPanel Web Hosting? : A Comprehensive Guide

cPanel Web Hosting

In this technology era, over half a million websites are created daily. Isn’t it surprising? This has built a tough competition among them.

Picking a web hosting company is a secondary thing, however, first, you need to choose what type of hosting will be suitable for your business needs. There are several web hosting such as VPS Hosting, Shared, Dedicated Server Hosting, Cloud Hosting, WordPress Hosting.

In this blog post, we are going to discuss and learn about cPanel web hosting which is famous between several web professionals.

cPanel Web Hosting Features

While web hosting includes a cPanel, it incorporates various features like file management, security, and app installation.

Manage FTP Accounts

FTP or File Transfer Protocol is a protocol that allows users to download and upload files, create or delete them, organize your files in a folder and enable you to modify the file permissions. cPanel web hosting makes it simple for you to handle all this with FTP accounts. Once you sign up for cPanel web hosting, an FTP account will be created. With cPanel, you can decide the access level that should be assigned to a specific user.

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Strong Support For Databases

MySQL and PostgreSQL both support cPanel and are widely utilized to gather information from databases. cPanel web hosting secures your website with a solid database management system.

Moreover, you can utilize the cPanel for configuring remote access to MySQL databases. This helps in accessing the MYSQL databases through the external hosts.

Add Multiple Domains

Need to add multiple domains? cPanel web hosting lets you add several domains and edit the zone files of the domains by changing their records. It is feasible to redirect a specific web page to another domain utilizing the Redirect feature. Additionally, with cPanel web hosting it you can easily add sub-domains.

Easily Manage Emails

With cPanel web hosting managing emails has become quite easy because they give a lot of options like creation, edit, and removal of email accounts with cPanel. Additionally, you can change the password, set quota of the mailbox, and configure mailbox with Outlook.

One-Click Softaculous

cPanel web hosting provides a Softaculous script installer by which you can install more than 350+ applications in just one click. These applications incorporate Drupal, Magento, WordPress, Joomla. cPanel web hosting has become quite famous between several web professionals as it is an all-in-one package.

Get Detailed Website Stats

cPanel provides comprehensive stats on various variables like the number of site visitors, pages viewed, viewer’s IP address, the visitor’s that returned to the website, OS of the visitors, site ranking, etc. These stats help the site owner to do adjustments for fulfilling the requirements of users and work productively in making their websites SEO friendly.

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Benefits of cPanel Web Hosting

With cPanel Web Hosting you get complete package as it offer security and control. Besides offering outstanding features, it additionally offer following benefits:

Full Control over Applications

You obtain full control over hardware and software applications. It lets you to shutdown your server remotely if required. Additionally, you can pick any Linux based hosting plans, ranging from shared, VPS, reseller or dedicated. If you choose VPS hosting, along with cPanel you receive Web Host Manager (WHM) on the other hand if you pick reseller hosting, then you receive WHMCS with the cPanel.

Scalability and Backup

While cPanel is incorporated in your web hosting plan, your data stays secure. One of the important benefits of this web hosting is that you can perform the backup at any time as cPanel is integrated with backup features. Moreover, you can scale cPanel according to your hosting plan.

Cost-Efficient as Compared to Windows

cPanel is the most likable control panel than other control panels as it offers everything at a cheaper cost than other platforms. The features are well crafted while keeping in mind the unique requirements of various web professionals.

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I hope you might have liked our article. Additionally, you can opt for 10GB Hosting’s Linux Hosting plans that come with cPanel.