Tips to Improve Landing Page Performance of WordPress Site

landing page performance

In this blog post will be discussing a few tips for improving landing page performance of WordPress site.

Before going to our topic, we will start with the basics!

While visiting a website, there may be few things that catch your attention. think about it and understand what a client would look for.

  • User Interface/ User experience of the website
  • The website loading speed (how long it takes for a website to load fully)
  • Highlighted marketing phrase in the top banner
  • Choice of colors, font
  • Complete reliability of the brand if it offers products or services

If your website is presented in a way that clients are looking for (giving answers to their questions), you can observe a huge conversion rate and add new clients to the brand.

Hidden errors that impact the landing page performance

Don’t be discouraged with all the errors listed below. You need to learn to clear out these errors and start analyzing like an entrepreneur to acknowledge how to optimize your landing page performance efficiently.

  • A website should be quick, a slow loading website may drive off visitors from your landing page.
  • The page should contain pleasant color options that make readability even in the dark.
  • A website should be mobile-friendly because a huge user base of the internet is on mobile.
  • Create a preferred landing page that fulfills the intent of visitors.
  • The absence of a WordPress live chat plugin deprives users of not being able to seek help instantly.

Few practical tips to enhance the landing page performance

An SEO expert can help a newbie WordPress website owner or WP developer to boost their site’s overall performance. So below we will be giving a few ideas to boost landing page performance.

Additionally, you can read an article on “Easy Steps to Build a WordPress Website“, if you want to build a WordPress site from scratch.

Make your WordPress website landing page faster and responsive

Don’t you feel annoyed when your pc, smartphone or an app is too slow or don’t respond to your commands? Similarly, the visitors would be annoyed with the slow speed website. So choosing to speed up a website should be the prime strategy for the website owners, if he/she wants to witness better conversion rates.

As per a study by Akamai, if the websites take more than 2 seconds to load, the bounce rate is around 47 percent. While it is necessary to keep server costs affordable in the long run, however it also mandatory to make the website faster and responsive.

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Never stuff landing page with too many images

You may passionately want to share several things at once but make sure you keep your landing page easy and simple to understand. Huge, high-quality images will affect page loading time because it won’t load instantly on a slower internet connection.

Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engine bots find it difficult to crawl inside the image and understand the text written on the image. Always check page loading times and keep the landing page simple. To give a clear message you can add anchor links. If you don’t know how to add anchor links then you can read this blog post “How to Easily Add Anchor Links in WordPress

Offer immediate live help whenever your visitors require

Instead of going for pre-defined answers, we suggest you add live chat to the WordPress website. Not only it will help you in answering queries of visitors but also double the chance of converting visitors to clients which will potentially bring increased revenue.

Bring your call to action button to the forefront

Our last tip for enhancing landing page performance is to bring your CTA button to the forefront. After you have showcased your products the correct way, ask your visitors to check out the trial or search for a way to sign up and use it.

With CTA button it makes it simpler for visitor to try the service even if they are not sure whether to buy it or not. This way it can improve conversion rates on landing page.


Acknowledging how to boost and promote landing page performance on WordPress is an eternal quest where you have to develop your strategies with time. But it pays off if your basics right and implement solutions like adding live chat, etc.

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