Easy Steps to Build a WordPress Website

Build a WordPress Website

In this article, we will be discussing easy steps to build a WordPress Website.

With the fast pace of technology, the world has shifted online. As website creation is getting much attention, businesses, creators, groups, etc are making their online presence over the internet.

As we know that not everyone has the expertise to build a website from scratch, for such people, there is an option called ‘WordPress’ through which they can build a WordPress Website by using free themes and get online without coding.

Now let’s see how you can build a WordPress website in few simple steps. So let’s get started.

Build a WordPress Website with WordPress account

The initial to build a WordPress website is to create a WordPress account. At 10gbhosting.com you can choose a plan that fits your requirement. For that, you need to visit WordPress Hosting where you can find various plans starting from just £4.0/month. Additionally, you could select a domain name if you don’t have one.

Check if your domain is available

While purchasing a domain for the website you should look for the following tips.

  • Make sure that your domain consists of the name of the company. This helps in the branding of your company and also is important from a search engine point of view.
  • Your domain name should be both unique and easy to pronounce as well
  • Selecting .COM domain would be a great idea as it is preferred TLD.
  • Always restrict using comma or dash in the domain name.

Manage website with our WordPress control panel

Here you could manage your email accounts, FTP accounts, and DNS setting. Get two name servers by clicking on the DNS option. After assigning the nameservers to the domain you need to wait for 24 hours or you could make an FTP account to enable the files transfer on the website.

Additionally, it is perfect to install an SSL certificate to guarantee the security of the website.

Install WordPress with one click

Navigate to hosting account’s control panel and click on install WordPress.After you click install now button you will get access to your latest WordPress website.

Search for a theme of your choice

After the installation of WordPress. You need to go to the dashboard of your latest WordPress website and choose the latest WordPress site and choose a theme as per your needs.

You will find many free themes accessible to you to opt for your website. You need to follow these guidelines:

  • Make sure that the theme is associated with the category of your business.
  • Pick a theme that is eye-pleasing and clean.
  • Search for a theme that makes your website visit easy for clients and visitors.

Additionally, more than 1000 themes could be accessed by clicking on ‘Appearance’. Here you could spend time looking for a category-specific and well-designed theme.

We suggest you find such themes that are responsive which means that these themes are mobile responsive and could automatically get adjusted to the screen of mobile devices. So each of the mobile users visiting your website will have consistent website experience.

After selection, you need to install the theme by clicking on the install and activate that specific theme.

Add new pages and content

You can add new pages by clicking on pages placed in the sidebar. From there you could make as many pages as you want.

In the beginning, your website must contain at least the following pages:

  • Homepage
  • About us page
  • Contact page
  • Products and Services page

To link your page to navigation bar then you must do the following

  • Click the Update button to save the changes you have made
  • Click Appearance button and go to menus on the sidebar
  • Look for the page that has been created and by clicking the checkbox add it to the list. Click on Add to Menu.

Adding and Editing your posts

After new pages are added to your website. You could begin adding posts to make content for a website or create a blog, to begin with, business/product.

  • Create a new category by navigating to posts and clicking categories
  • Create a blog post by navigating to posts and then add new.

On creating your category just add it to the menu

All Set to publish

On completion of your content, just review your website one last time and make changes wherever it is needed. At last, once you are satisfied with your content then click the publish button to make your website live.

Likewise you could add plugins to your WordPress website. For instance you could create contact form to draw the attention of clients with the help of contact form plugin.

I hope that by following these steps you could easily build a WordPress website.