How to add live chat to WordPress site

add live chat

Ever thought to add live chat to WordPress site but never did. Well, you must add as it is crucial for the WordPress site. People think the process to add live chat to WordPress site is complicated. However, it is pretty simple and needs only a couple of minutes.

With the addition of live chat to the website, you can solve the queries of visitors and possibilities are high that they convert to be your clients.

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In this blog post, you will get to know how to add live chat to a WordPress site. Before going to it, you should know the benefits and the reasons to add it.

Benefits of adding a live chat to website

Adding live chat to your website assures visitors and you might have overheard a million times that “the customer is king”. As per the reports of 99 Firms, 79% of consumers favor live chat because of instant responses, and 63% of visitors that contact via live chat is more anticipated to return to your site.

Regardless of how many FAQs you have covered about your services or product, they will still have queries in mind

That’s where the live chat arrives in the scenario and helps visitors to get instant answers without leaving your website. Excellent communication through live chat could effectively help clients make the decision.

In short, the benefits of adding live chat will improve sales, encourage client satisfaction, extend market reach and much more

How to add live chat to WordPress Website

Tons of live chat plugins are available in the market. We are giving recommendations for both paid and free live chat tools such as Crisp, a free live chat tool, and LiveChat Inc for the paid tool. Depending upon your business type you pick the right tool.

Add live chat with Crisp

Make an Account on Crisp

Go to Crisp.chat and make your account.

Then click on Get started or use crisp for free button and fill up the details( email address, password, first name, and last name).

After that add the website domain and the name of your website and click on continue. Now as you have created the crisp account, let’s move ahead.

Connect Crisp to WordPress website

To connect it, go to your WordPress dashboard. Click on Plugins>> Add new

After that search for Crisp then install and activate it.

Now click on connect with crisp then click on continue to link Crisp with WordPress.

Bravo you have connected Crisp with WordPress site. Go to home screen and you will see live chat added bottom right corner of your screen.

Features offered by Crisp

  • Integration: Crisp integration is not just limited to WordPress but also can be integrated with Shopify, Prestashop, Facebook messenger, etc
  • Magic Browse: the feature lets you monitor how the visitors are using your website. Furthermore, you can fully access their screen to guide them.

Add live chat using LiveChat Inc

Above we discussed the free method of adding live chat to your website. However, the free plugins come with some restrictions

So if you are ready to spend some bucks then we suggest you use LiveChat Inc as it is an advanced live chat tool with exceptional features.

This tool also gives premium solution with 14-day trial

LiveChat provides these three pricing plans:

  • The Starter plan comes with a price of $16 a month per agent if billed annually or $19 month-to-month.
  • The Team plan comes with a price of $33 a month per agent if billed annually or $39 month-to-month.
  • The Business plan comes with a price of $50 a month per agent if billed annually or $59 month-to-month.

You need to create account on LiveChat.

Now you are required to enter your email address and click on sign up free button.

Enter personal details and click on create account.

Then click on install live chat by either entering the code or through the plugin. However, we suggest that you use the LiveChat plugin to your WordPress website.

For that, you are required to move to the website WordPress dashboard and move to Plugins » Add New and seek for LiveChat.

Click on install now and then activate it.

Now connect the LiveChat plugin with WordPress account.


Building a website is simple, however, to build relationships with visitors, you have to help them with queries and live chat is the most efficient way to do it.

I hope that my article on how to add live chat in WordPress helps you build that relationship.