Difference Between Web Hosting and Domain

Web hosting

In this article, we will be discussing what are the differences between domain and web hosting. So let’s begin

In the current technological era, businesses are moving online. So you decide to create a website for your company or service but meet with a set of acronyms and complicated terms then don’t worry you are not the only one. Several people who are not habitual with the language required for building and maintaining web pages get confused by terms such as CSS, HTML, etc

In such a case, two terms could perplex people who don’t have technical knowledge. Hosting and domain define two fundamental things for the presence of any page. Hence acknowledging how it works is the initial step towards building a successful website.

Hosting server’s key features

A hosting server is a type of virtual space that stores HTML code, CSS, multimedia content, CSS files, and scripts of the website. A hosting server could be given either at no cost or by paid services. It mainly depends on their control characteristics and features.

A free hosting solution might have limited support and resources and may force you to publish advertisement banners as a part of using their services.

However, in the case of the paid hosting services, it provides greater availability and control. You could select a plan that has features required for your site. Also, most of the web hosting providers offer 24/7 support.

How to select a web hosting?

While selecting a web hosting you must assess various aspects. By this analysis, you will get the solutions that best suits your requirement, in terms of both control and resources.

The initial step is to calculate the amount of space that will be needed for the hosting of the page. However, most of the web hosting providers offer scalable services. So you could extend the available space whenever it is essential.

Many web hosting providers do offer a control panel through which you could easily manage the website. By control panel, you can modify permissions, create new accounts, and contract new resources.

The company should choose a hosting server that has an uptime of more than 99%. So to minimize the number of users impacted by a system crash one must go for such web hosting services.

Domain’s key features

Domain functions as the address of the site. It does the translation of server IP to easily memorizable addresses. By which we could access any content through the web.

The structure of a URL depends as per the type of address. For instance .com is for business services, .gov are for government institutions and while the .org for non- governmental organizations.

A full website address structure will be in the form of https://www.name-of- site.com/ where HTTP helps the browser to define the communication protocol. The www stands to the truth that the page is available on the World Wide Web. Lastly, the .com represents the domain (here the domain is commercial).

However, with recent technological improvements, there is no need to type www before accessing a domain as it has been eliminated. Additionally, it is not necessary to add a country flag at the end of the URL.

How to choose a domain?

Choosing a domain is comparatively simpler than choosing web hosting. After checking the availability of the domain, you need to fill a form and make payment for registering the domain. After the whole registration process is done you need to configure the DNS values for working on the site. Through DNS you could convert your domain to the IP address of hosting server where the website is stored. In the end, the web hosting provider will make the DNS values available to you.

In most cases, the renewal of the domain registration is done annually. However, it is likely to register a domain for a time of more than 1 year by just choosing the number of preferred years during registration. The website address will be frozen for a few weeks. While it is frozen the domain will be disabled but however, it can yet be recovered by the registered person an in case the domain expires then it can be registered by any other person.

How important is a hosting and domain while building a web page?

Without hosting server and registration of domain there is no possible way to build and publish a page. Both are essential to make the online presence of your website. So if the hosting server is home then the domain would be its address letting anyone search for it on the internet.

The authenticity of your site will be maintained by well defining the services used to register a domain. Additionally, the domain should be easy to remember so that people could always return to your site.

I hope that by reading our article you got to know the differences between Web hosting and domain. Additionally, you can look for our Linux hosting plans for low-cost web hosting plans without the need to compromise on the quality, uptime, and performance.

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