How to Migrate Your Website From One Server to Another?

Migrate Your Website

In this article, we will be looking at how to migrate your website from one server to another without losing your data.

But before going into details, you must know few basic hosting terms.

Here, the website can be acknowledged as web page collection and content linked to them which can be recognized by a domain name and is published on at least one server. Moreover, here the server is computer hardware or software which serves the intention of offering functionality to other devices or programs named clients.

Websites are perpetually hosted on specific servers. But, it is to be observed that it is very much likely to transfer this hosting or this ownership of a website from one server to another. This method to migrate your website is a multi-step method and can be a shade tiresome and challenging.

When your hosting provider migrate your website, make sure it is done efficiently with zero downtime and the one that assures the seamless functioning of your website and does not affect the audience in any case.

Let’s take a look at the process to migrate your website from one server to another.

The Process to Migrate Your Website

One of the biggest blunders done in several server shifting scenarios is that present existing hosting is canceled in the beginning and then the query of migrating the website to a new server is addressed.

Such action eventually ends not only in a downtime situation but additionally results in loss of data, files, and any such information that the website saves. It clearly is ethical and right to acknowledge ongoing hosting providers regarding your decision to migrate your servers, this can drive to undesired complexities.

Hence it is a better and wise choice to accomplish the process of migration first and then cancel existing hosting.

Do a backup of your website files

The process of migrating your website is similar to the packaging and moving method when you move to a new house. For assuring smooth functioning and zero downtime on your website, gather a decent backup of your complete files, database, and all the data present on your existing host’s server. Login to cPanel to access compressed backups of each and every website files and database.

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Offer Access To New Hosting Provider

Once you are pretty much sure that you have gathered a decent backup of all files and data stored on your previous server, you can go to the succeeding step.

You require to provide your recently chosen web hosting provider that gives server hosts access to your hosting account. Without this access, they won’t be able to do any sort of modifications or changes to your website.

Usually, you should have a username and a password to help you log in. You require to update all the contact information of your account and shift it in a way that it resembles your new owner. It can involve a change of the email address, billing information, and most importantly each of the personal details.

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Add Email Accounts on New Server

One of the extremely crucial steps for migrating your website to a new host is to gather and add all email account on the current site to new server.

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Transfer Website Files to a New Host

After you have gathered all the data files from your existing website and have a protected backup, you can begin shifting website files to the new host. You can instantly upload the compressed website data and files from your old server to the server of your new hosts.


Once you are confident that your website is operating perfectly and all the issues addressed, you can easily cancel your hosting plan with your prior server.

Actually, to achieve zero downtime is rare, however, if you follow the above steps efficiently you can obtain the lowest downtime for your website.

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