Difference Between Unlimited Hosting and WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting

Presently, you can find various kinds of web hosting services. Hence it is important to choose a hosting package that suits your website’s needs. Particularly Unlimited Hosting and WordPress Hosting are two regular types. Several people have a doubt which hosting is the best fit for their website. So in this article, I will be solving those queries and we will do a comparison of both the hosting services.

Unlimited hosting is quite famous for a small blog or medium websites and is considered a common kind of hosting as it offers unlimited resources at a reasonable cost. If your website requires unlimited resources like disk storage, bandwidth, email accounts.etc then unlimited hosting is the best suited for your requirements.

WordPress hosting is particularly designed for sites that are developed on the WordPress platform likewise known as WordPress content management system(CMS). The prime intention of WordPress hosting is to organize and manage the WordPress platform for your website.

Advantages of Unlimited hosting:

Unlimited hosting has several benefits, not just only in terms of resources but also in price.

  • Unlimited hosting gives huge space for you to save everything, regardless of how big or small your website is.
  • You will never run out of space in unlimited hosting
  • By opting for an unlimited hosting plan you can easily utilize any CMS such as Drupal, Magento, and WordPress.

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Advantages of WordPress hosting:

  • Brings enhance performance to the website
  • An automatic backup of the website is taken. So in an event failure, you can recover your website easily.
  • As WordPress Hosting is specially intended for WordPress websites, the server is optimized for advanced server caching which ultimately makes your website run faster.

What should I pick? Unlimited hosting or WordPress hosting?

To decide which hosting type you should pick, let us take a look at the needs of your website

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Unlimited hosting is suggested if:

  • You are a startup and want to host your business website with unlimited access to resources of the server.
  • Unlimited hosting will be the best option for those who have Magento, Drupal, Opencart, or any other CMS other than WordPress.
  • If you don’t want to worry about storage space, mailbox, databases, etc

WordPress hosting is suggested if

  • You need to develop or build your site in WordPress
  • You have an online store. WordPress hosting is suitable for e-commerce, business, or community sites.


Several users at initial stage use unlimited hosting. Generally this is the best choice available for small business website.

However, WordPress hosting is for all such business owners or web developers that create or build sites in WordPress. Fast server speed and improved features keep one step above unlimited hosting.