When And Why To Use .TODAY Domain Extension

.TODAY Domain

In the current digital world, to offer relevant and up to date information on the internet is of prime importance for several brands. And to help you stay relevant on the internet there is one such domain extension named .TODAY (domain).

In this blog post, we will be looking at use cases of why and when to use a .TODAY domain.

Why Use a .TODAY Domain?

Nothing is more current than today. The word ‘today’ signifies the present moment. .TODAY extension can be utilized in several ways, however, mainly it is utilized to offer relevant and up to date information in your business niche. With a .TODAY domain extension, it is simple for internet users to focus on the most relevant information.

.TODAY is an excellent domain extension, since it is generic and not niche-specific, hence anyone can register it and look for an ideal place to implement it to their business. A .TODAY domain puts forth the sense of urgency.

This Top-Level Domain (TLD) is beneficial for bloggers, news sites, and weather reporters who depend on regular updating for success.

Moreover, a .TODAY is a domain extension that perfectly matches any verb. For Instance: buy.today, developawebsite.today.

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When to Use a .TODAY domain

Below, we have jotted down the use cases of using a .TODAY domain:

Make Use of .TODAY for Landing Page

While you are running a crucial advertising campaign, it is essential to have an exceptional landing page that helps in gaining leads and evaluate the complete success of the campaign. It is easier to work with a memorizable and a short link than a long link. .TODAY is not only exceptional to drive traffic but also more probable to adhere to people’s minds. By attaching a landing page to a domain i.e: findcheapshirts.today you are making it sound catchy and creative. As a result, you are bound to sync with your targeted users. Set up a creative and innovative landing page that will drive in more traffic and leads.

.TODAY Domain for Company’s Sales and Promotions

If you have planned a sale or promotion in the near future, then you can put forth a sense of urgency by utilizing the .TODAY domain name. For instance, if your company’s sale or offer is expiring soon, then put the deal on a .TODAY domain and use those links on social media to drive in your audience. Make a link for those who are eager to buy and land them on the special offer that you are promoting.

Use .TODAY if it Represents Company’s Tagline

Acquiring a domain name that symbolizes your tagline is smart and great for branding. With a .TODAY domain, a sense of urgency is instilled in a client’s thoughts. For instance, if you are a grocery store and your tagline is “get groceries – today!” then you can own a domain name getgroceries.today and drive in traffic.

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While you are creative, there is no limit on how to use your domain name. You don’t need to panic when your .COM isn’t available. Take this as an opportunity to explore other domain extension choices and discover what fits your company.

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