What Are .biz Domains Used For and Why Should We Use Them?

.biz domains

As .com domains are getting difficult to get, .biz domains have become a famous domain extension.  This Top-Level Domain (TLD) was added to reduce the demand for .com names. The letters utilized in .biz are symbolic of the word “business.” This makes it appropriate for business websites. Though, you may have doubt if a .biz domain will help or hurt your online presence.

Though .biz domains are not famous as .com, .net or .org domain. However, from an SEO viewpoint .biz domains are fairly similar to the counterpart .com when they have relevant and optimized content. This extension permits you to keep your website URL user-friendly and short. You can get a keyword-concentric domain name, thought the same .com name is not available.

But, the .biz extension is generally linked with businesses. Hence, it may not be the optimal choice for an individual or informational website. Additionally, if the .com business with a related name provides similar services, you have the risk of losing your potential visitors to that .com website. Additionally, you can also read this blog post on “Difference Between Web Hosting and Domain

Let us dig deeper into each of these aspects and see if you should or should not use .biz domains.

What Are .biz Domains Used For?

.biz domains can only be utilized for business or commercial purposes.

Domain extension plays a vital role in creating your online presence. The .biz is a generic top-level domain (gTLD) identified by Google and other search engines. In 2001 it was introduced by ICANN besides .info and .museum domain extensions. Currently, there are almost 2 million websites that are registered with the .biz extension.

Generic TLDs like .info and .co can be utilized for any sort of website. But, the legal requirement to register a .biz domain name is that it should be utilized only for business or commercial usage.

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Advantages of Using The .biz Domain

The decision of choosing a .biz domain solely depends on the preference of the user.

Another advantage of picking the .biz domain is that it will let your traffic to swiftly evaluate the nature of the website. The .biz domain can be more beneficial for a business than other TLDs.

The .biz domain is an optimal option when you need something unique and distinct. By creating a catchy and innovative name you can help with branding.

Ultimately, the .biz domains are more cost friendly than.com domains. According to experts, you can find a .biz domain for about $20 and for the same .com domain, it can cost $1000 or more. Hence, picking a .biz domains is a good choice if you are tight on pocket.

Factors to Consider When Utilizing the .biz Domain

Have you ever observed that huge businesses usually favor the .com extension over .biz?

This is because, in earlier days of the .biz domain, it was used by a lot of spammers.

Though this is no longer the case, several online users still link this extension scammers and fraud sites.

If you will be depending on search engines for traffic, having a .biz extension can be put off for a few visitors. If you have high-quality and relevant content on your site, you will rank well in SERP. But, the potential visitor may observe the .biz extension and give it a pass.

Additionally, this extension is not suitable for those who want to generate an income online. It is optimal for those people whose sole purpose is to represent as their company on the internet.

What One Should Know Regarding .biz SEO?

Though there are several domain extensions available, maximum of the users default to the .com extension when in doubt. It is the best domain extension for SEO purposes as it is widely used.

Nevertheless, search engines such as Google will not penalize your SEO rankings when you have a distinct extension from the .com. Google identifies top-level domains such as the .biz and .info on a similar level as .com.

This implies that you will be subjected to similar ranking factors like a .net, .com, or .org counterpart while you have a .biz domain. You won’t be penalized for the domain extension you pick. Search engines will just look for the originality, quality, and relevance of your content for ranking purposes.

Even if your website rank at search engine page, technically sound people will notice the .biz domain and will choose to stay away. Hence it is a vital factor when opting for a domain name specially, if you highly rely on organic traffic.


I hope this article, helps you in deciding whether to pick a .biz domain or not. Additionally, you can register your domain from the given link