VPS Hosting Vs WordPress Hosting (Pros and Cons)

VPS Hosting Vs WordPress Hosting

Are you looking to compare VPS Hosting Vs WordPress Hosting?

Then you are not alone for this comparison. WordPress dominates with a 50-60% share of the global CMS market. 35% of the total websites on the internet are powered by WordPress. With those stats, WordPress has made its place in product lineups for several hosting providers.

Lately, developers and agencies seeking to create websites and applications began with VPS Hosting. Regardless of the kind of website you were creating, VPS got the job done. Though a little bit of server administration skills were required, most of the developers got accustomed to it. After all, the alternative was shared hosting, which didn’t offer any root access.

In the Meantime, WordPress grew its popularity and Managed WordPress became a standard and perfect service for those developers that wanted to concentrate on building or developing sites instead of focusing on server administration.

Before discussing what is the difference between VPS Hosting Vs WordPress Hosting, let’s see what is VPS Hosting?

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS or Virtual Private Server Hosting is a dynamic virtualized hosting server that persists within a parent server on cloud infrastructure.

The VPS infrastructure is built of several clusters, each VPS instances are dedicated partitions of the parent server with dedicated resources.

Generally, with VPS Hosting, you have the root access as well as Secure Shell (SSH) and Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). Several managed VPS providers additionally offer a software installer like softaculous, to install popular server software and Content Management Systems (CMS).

With VPS hosting, you have dedicated resources hence, you don’t need to share resources among other users. It also includes the choice of OS. Let’s see the pros of VPS Hosting Vs WordPress Hosting

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Advantages of VPS Hosting

One of the biggest advantages of having a VPS Hosting is that you get root access for the server. With root access, you can interact with Operating System and the server stack enables customization of the server in addition to your sites and application.

Another benefit of VPS hosting is its scalability and instant provisioning of resources, you have the ability to upgrade to obtain more resources whenever required.

Through root access, you have the ability to install and configure software on the server. And with control panels like cPanel, Plesk, and Interworx you get a simple and user-friendly interface to perform root and other functions. For the desired running of your projects, you must install software that improves the management of your applications and sites. And with VPS hosting, you have the choice of the control panel, choice of OS, and standard server software for database, web server, and scripting.

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Disadvantages of VPS Hosting

A VPS Hosting has several pros, but varying on your needs or demands, there may be quite a few things that won’t work for you. Few people are dejected by the amount of access you receive with a VPS.

Though you don’t need to be technically sound but technical aptitude up to some extent is needed to have a VPS.

For some people, a control panel is beneficial but on the other hand, one still needs to know what functions they are trying to complete. Making any wrong move could harm your whole environment and your projects. Not everyone needs such a high level of control of their server.

VPS Hosting may not be a favorable choice for those that need a fully hands-off approach to server administration work.

Now, we are halfway through our article “VPS Hosting Vs WordPress Hosting (Pros and Cons)”, let’s move ahead to discuss what is WordPress hosting.

What is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress Hosting is a shared or single-tenant hosting environment that is specially crafted and optimized for hosting WordPress websites.

Though a VPS hosting comes pre-configured for common use, WordPress Hosting is designed only for WordPress. There are several ways to configure a server and its software.

As WordPress hosting is specially crafted from scratch for WordPress, there is no need to consider the software and frameworks that operate on other sites and applications.

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Advantages of WordPress Hosting

Performance is a huge benefit in WordPress Hosting. In WordPress hosting, the whole infrastructure gets uniquely optimized for maximum performance.

With Managed WordPress Hosting, you don’t need to manage a server. Hence you can focus on other aspects of the business. Now let’s see the disadvantages of VPS Hosting Vs WordPress hosting.

Disadvantages of WordPress Hosting

One of the major disadvantages of WordPress Hosting is the lack of root access. VPS hosting would be a better option for people looking for server access and host WordPress.

Another disadvantage is the limitation of installing third-party software outside the WordPress environment.

Moreover, if you are planning to host other sites i.e: HTML, CSS, Magento then you should go for VPS or Dedicated hosting.

Now, let’s move on to see Conclusion of VPS Hosting Vs WordPress Hosting

Conclusion of VPS Hosting Vs WordPress Hosting

Picking VPS Hosting Vs WordPress Hosting will solely rely on the needs of a business website or a particular project. Developers and designers need to identify what is crucial for them. Planning the website or application development will make the decision-making process easy.