Role of the Control Panel in VPS Hosting – A Comprehensive Guide

VPS Hosting

In the last few years, the client purchasing patterns have changed as a result it has forced businesses to stay online 24*7 and one of the methods to stay online is through a website. However, it becomes complicated for SMBs and startups to handle the technical aspects of running the website in absence of an IT team.

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Gone are the days when control panel or cPanel were offered with only Managed VPS Hosting or Dedicated Servers, however currently it is offered with shared hosting too.

Technically, cPanel is not required as all the tasks could be performed using CMD, terminal, scripts, and client connection tools. As not all the business website owners or people that use hosting service have technical skills to perform these, cPanel is offered to make tasks simpler and quicker for users.

The control panel is not only necessary for fundamental functions, but it will offer server admins browser-based tools and features. Administering, Controlling, and monitoring the tasks of the end-users become seamless with the control panel.

Role of the Control Panel in VPS Hosting

Utilizing a VPS Hosting has its own set of benefits like stability, dedicated resources, performances, flexibility, and many more. If you get a cPanel with your VPS Hosting, you can do the following roles:

  • Domain & File Management: Even though you have multiple domains or subdomains, the control panel will make it quite easy to handle anything. cPanel allows you to manage domains with some clicks, eradicating the need to run commands. With cPanel, storage usage monitoring is hassle-free. Through a control panel, files and folders could either be backup or edited.
  • Security: The security of the website is a vital factor and if not managed properly, could lead to unpleasant results. With cPanel you can easily block IP addresses, add SSL Certificates, configure password-protected directories. the VPS server comes with an OS that can be rebooted and configured.
  • Mail Management: One of the generally used cPanel features. With cPanel you can make an email account, allot storage to each email account, set up forwarders and autoresponders, make mailing lists, filter spam, and add email authentication. In short, using a control panel, you can manage all the aspects of your mails.
  • Logs and Databases: Control panel lets you utilize databases to manage data storage and even block access to data. Additionally, you can also monitor the performance of your site using analytical data.
  • Configuration: Using your VPS hosting control panel, you can manage the virtual private server similar to a dedicated server. you can set the server hostname, assign IP servers and nameservers and configure the mail servers. These features do make VPS quite ner to a dedicated server.

Moreover, a control panel is a tool that brings in several features for resellers and enterprises. It allows them to take their business to next level by executing a wide set of features easily.

With the help of a control panel, it is quite easy for the enterprise to allow its clients to operate cPanel software on a server in parallel and also offer clients with a ticketing system to report issues. The VPS Hosting control panel lets the hosts handle more than one server from just one control panel. Additionally, Enterprises can support IPv6 and observe the services with alerts.

The VPS Hosting control panel comes with extra features, which is the best fit for a wide set of users, ranging from administrators to end-users. It assures that web administrators don’t have to configure FTP servers individually and can do so utilizing one service available in the control panel. Web professionals can optimize service management operations and their web presence utilizing the control panel. SMEs can also buy more further resources and then provide reseller packages. 

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Control Panel is no more an added feature. It is vital for every individual. (Business owner to an enterprise that offers Reseller Hosting services). By reading our article, you might have understood the role of the control panel in VPS Hosting.

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