Benefits of Fully Managed Web Hosting For SMBs

Fully Managed Web Hosting

Businesses across the world are going online. Although it is easy for well-established companies to take their business online, this scenario is not the same for small and medium businesses as they can end up losing clientele for not being online or because of poor online services. 

However, with the growth of affordable web hosting services in the UK, small and medium business entrepreneurs are building a comprehensive online presence. According to a survey, the number of sites owned by SMBs is low, but, it is predicted that numbers are going to double in the future as more and more SMBs opt for online business.

The problem is that several SMBs are not financially capable of spending resources on hiring technical staff. This lack of financial freedom to hire technical staff could incur huge losses for these businesses.

The growing demand for hosting and particular concern gave rise to a  new service offering targeted at SMBs “Fully Managed Web Hosting”. The abilities of the hosting service will decide how quickly your website loads, Your website uptime, also your SERP ranking, and the resources in terms of time and money you will have to allot in managing the hosting service. 

With the introduction of Managed Web hosting in the market, SMBs are now capable to modernize their business and create an online presence. So what services do a fully managed web hosting give that has tempted SMBs to opt for it?

What Is Managed Hosting Service?

Fully managed web hosting is a service where your hosting does all the necessary tasks needed to manage and maintain your site. Managed web hosting can be Managed VPS Hosting, Shared Hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting, or even a Dedicated Server UK. Manage Hosting Service exempts you from the technical tasks like configuring the servers, security, data backup, data storage, etc. So that you can focus on your business and focus on the stuff you are good at.  

By opting for a fully managed web hosting service, business organizations can anticipate services from hardware to technical support.

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Benefits of Fully Managed Web Hosting

Fully managed web hosting can help you and your business in various ways such as:

Advanced Caching Features

This feature is useful for scalable websites as it includes pre-packaged cache features.

Integrate Apps

It has various apps through which you can directly deploy as per your needs.

Integrated CDN

A good hosting provider offers CDN that will decrease the server response time by getting data from the nearest node available.


Managed Hosting Services can offer robust security. In addition to this, good hosting providers can additionally offer you cloud backups, SSL certificates, web application firewalls, and other top-rated security features.

How to Choose a Fully Managed Web Hosting?

Before coming to a conclusion in choosing any fully managed web hosting, it is suggested that you evaluate the needs of your organization and calculate the budget. Usually, the features offered like updates, security, tech support, etc should also be deemed.


It is the Privilege of the hosting provider to offer a regular update, security patch installation, and complete security upkeep. It is crucial that you need to give attention to the security specifications given by the provider.


Get in-depth stats and data concerning the backup software utilized, the frequency of the backups, the method of the backup and data recovery if there is a failure, etc.

Tech support

You choose managed hosting as you do not want to spend time and effort in handling technical aspects so that you can have peace of mind and concentrate on other aspects of your Business. At 10GB Hosting, we assure you that you will get 24×7 customer support.

Fully Managed Web Hosting comes with several advantages, however, the services may vary from one hosting to another.

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