Some of the Best Use Cases of VPS Hosting

Use Cases of VPS Hosting

While surfing on the internet, you might have observed several ad banners of Fully Managed VPS Hosting or any other. But, have you ever wondered what are the best use cases of VPS Hosting, why is it so popular?

With the introduction of Virtual Private Server or VPS into the hosting market, now anyone can have complete data center resources to themselves easily and cost-effectively.

Having VPS hosting offers you better flexibility than shared hosting and freedom of using server resources like a dedicated server and that too at a cheaper price.

With that being said, let’s now understand what VPS Hosting is, and then we will discuss some of the best use cases of VPS Hosting.

What is VPS Hosting?

Basically, VPS hosting is one type of hosting where a web hosting provider sells its virtual machines to its clients for either running websites or applications. A physical machine is segregated into various virtual servers with the help of a hypervisor.

Most importantly, you have complete root access with the VPS server so you have better control and power over what you can install on a Virtual Private Server.

Moreover, you don’t find noisy neighbors with VPS whereas, with shared hosting, the resources of the server (CPU, RAM, Storage Space) are among the tenants of that server. In short, when you pick a VPS you have all the resources of the server to yourself.

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Now, let’s talk about what are the most common use cases of VPS hosting.

Most Common Use Cases of VPS Hosting

Host Your Website

The first VPS hosting uses in our list is the ability to host your website. In this digital era where every business is having a website, you must have a business website. Though shared hosting allows you to make an online presence, you don’t have total control over the server.

So if you want to utilize eCommerce or site management tools that aren’t PHP-based, VPS hosting can be an excellent choice. You can easily run Flask, Django, dozens of other post-processors, and application frameworks.

Install and Secure Comprehensive Email and Messaging Solution

To enhance the security level of emails and ensure that no one is spying on your email, a virtual private server will be ideal for installing and securing comprehensive email and messaging solutions.

Additionally, you can also prevent your sensitive and confidential messages from going through the public servers.

Build Virtual Private Network

If you want additional privacy or want to secure your data against evil eyes, you need a VPN.

In the future, if you wish to build your own VPN, you need to have a VPS along with software like OpenVPN. This software will help you build your own VPN on a VPS. Now, you may have doubts, what is the difference between both.

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We hope with this article, you understood some of the best use cases of VPS hosting.

Here, what you just need to remember is, if your website or application demands better scalability and flexibility but you don’t want to make a huge initial investment, you can opt for a VPS hosting plan.

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