Bare Metal Cloud vs Dedicated Servers: Which One is Better?

Bare Metal Cloud vs Dedicated Servers

Several users face difficulties in discovering the difference between Bare Metal Cloud vs Dedicated Servers.

People often get confused between bare metal cloud and dedicated servers as they both share several features. Yet, Bare Metal Cloud or BMC offers additional features like scaling and automation capabilities that you won’t find in the case of dedicated servers.

Before we discuss the difference between the bare metal cloud vs dedicated servers, let’s first see what the bare-metal cloud is.

What is Bare Metal Cloud?

A Bare Metal Cloud server is a server dedicated to a single tenant that doesn’t have any virtualization layer in between and has cloud-like scaling potential.

Being a single-tenant it utilizes the complete potentiality of the server’s physical hardware. In the Bare Metal Cloud server, your data won’t be shared and are devoted to your use only.

Bare Metal Cloud servers’ processing potential is so powerful that it can give you total control over all physical components and thereby optimize the server to adapt to the workloads.

One of the most vital features of Bare Metal Cloud is its support for automation-driven IT infrastructure. The service offers a user-friendly API(Application Programming Interface) and CLI (Command Line Interface) that enables you to manage the infrastructure as code and sync with the open-source automation tools

Meanwhile, you can refer to our what is a dedicated server and what are its benefits to get an overview of what a dedicated server is.

Now let’s see what are the differences between Bare Metal Cloud Vs Dedicated Servers.

Bare Metal Cloud Vs Dedicated Servers

There are various essential differences between Bare Metal Cloud Vs Dedicated Servers.

API-driven Provisioning:

The main feature that distinguishes a BMC server from a dedicated server is its API-driven provisioning. Rather than spinning up instances manually, developers are able to automate server provisioning.

Infrastructure as Code Support:

Bare Metal Cloud allows managing infrastructure as code. An environment is configured and required systems and devices are set up using IaC (Infrastructure as a Code) tools. By using reusable scripts, you can save time and assure environment stability and consistency across the DevOps pipeline.

Deployment Speed

A BMC instance can be spun within 120 seconds as it is integrated with automation tools. However, on the contrary, dedicated servers need anywhere between days and weeks for their set up. Possessing this capability to spin up instances quickly, is of the utmost importance while you need to scale up the resources on short announcements. Not having an IaC, will not only delay the process but also be vulnerable to errors.

Billing Model

BMC consists of a reservation hourly/monthly billing model that gives you the flexibility and convenience to use resources as and when required without having a long-term obligation. Hence, you can scale your resources on-demand or save the resources to be utilized in the future. Dedicated servers have monthly and yearly plans that are apt if you need hosting resources for a long period.

Get Access to Latest Server Configurations

If your requirements are such that you need servers equipped with the latest technology, then a BMC server will be ideal for you to rent as and when required. Bare Metal Cloud Servers are decked with the latest hardware and storage solutions. Dedicated servers additionally have the choice of upgrading resources, but the process to scale resources consumes time and costly.

Use Cases For Bare Metal Cloud

A Bare Metal Cloud server is utilized while you require total control over your hardware and high-performance support from a single-tenant server as well as the scaling potential of the cloud.

Popular use cases for BMC incorporate:

E-Commerce Websites

The traffic of e-commerce business fluctuates all around the year. Majority of the cases, the businesses encounter a high surge in traffic during the holiday season. During such holidays businesses needs an additional resource to manage such workloads. And Bare Metal Cloud has the features like resource reservation and hourly billing which is ideal for anticipated workload bursts.

Big Data Processing

If you process a huge amount of data continuously or at regular intervals, BMC is the ideal option. By reserving the resources, you can scale your infrastructure as and when needed. Utilizing a Bare Metal Cloud in such a case is the most appropriate solution as well as economical as you can pay on an hourly basis.


We hope our guide on Bare Metal Cloud Vs Dedicated Servers helped you understand the difference between Bare Metal Cloud Vs Dedicated Servers.

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