What is White Label Reseller Hosting and How Does it Work?

White label Reseller Hosting

In this article, we will discuss how you can begin your web hosting business with your own brand name if your host provides white label hosting. So let’s get into the details about white label reseller hosting.

Before going to our topic, we must first know about reseller hosting.

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting is a web hosting model, where a web hosting provider let either few or each / all of their hosting services are to be sold by an individual or third party. Most importantly reseller hosting allows you to become a web hosting provider without the need for building, operating, or managing the infrastructure. Your business stands a great opportunity of attracting potential clients to obtain a steady source of revenue if you provide affordable, reliable, scalable, and customer friendly hosting packages.

What is White Label Reseller Hosting?

White Label Reseller Hosting is a service that lets you provide hosting under your brand name. You can rebrand hosting products and build your web hosting company. The biggest advantage of white-labeled reseller hosting is that you don’t require technical knowledge. All the tech needs such as server management and maintenance are handled by web hosting provider.

How does it work?

If you choose a white-labeled reseller program, you can charge for more than the price at which you bought. This is where profit comes in. Several white labeled hosting providers, in return will provide you following services.

Billing Integration

In Reseller Hosting WHM billing software is included that easily and efficiently bill your clients. Software such as WHM lets clients handle their payment plans, eradicating the hassle of ensuring your clients pay you on time.

Opportunities to Scale

Through Reseller Hosting, you can easily scale up hosting resources as when your client base extends or handling heavier sites that need more server resources.

Simple Control Panels

For effective website management, you need to have a control panel. This lets you do backend modifications or likewise give clients access if it is needed.

Private name servers

These servers let you separate your brand from hosting company, from where you are purchasing the resources. This is necessary to the whole aspect of rebranding such services as your own.

Email and Domain Integration

Several reseller accounts will let you sell domain names and email account add-ons too.

Advantages of Getting Best White Label Reseller Hosting

  • A broad range of services: Adding hosting services to businesses can give your clients all their website needs in one place. You are saving your clients’ money, time, and energy required to find and buy these hosting from another company.
  • A steady source of income: Your hosting plans can be either monthly or annually. By providing these plans, your client will choose one. The businesses will need a starting investment on your part, however by opting for a quality program and drawing customers, you can recover those costs based on how you have set the price of the package.
  • No large space requirements: Hosting several websites requires high specification servers and those servers need maintenance. However, with white label reseller hosting, you don’t require servers at your home. Even you can run a business from home.

White label reseller hosting is an excellent chance for individuals looking to begin a new business or add a profitable source of income to the existing one. Do good research before picking a company that provides good server management, exceptional technical support, excellent control panel support, and on-the-go assistance. 

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