How to improve SEO with Schema Markup

Schema Markup

As digital marketing is rapidly growing, the latest developments are taking place too often. Each day the latest development is made in this digital world. It is crucial to stay updated about these latest changes in order to rank your websites better on search engines. One such development is the schema markup.

Schema markup is the newest evolution in the Search Engine Optimization method. Several digital marketing firms recognize schema markup as a strong SEO tool. So in this article, you will get to know how to boost website ranking with the use of schema mark-up.

Before we move ahead we should know what schema mark-up is and importace of it.

Introduction to schema markup and its importance

Schema markup is a code that is put on the website to help search engines return more informative results for users. It is a type of microdata that creates improved description when added to a web page.

By adding schema to your site, you can easily rank for various content types. Schema is crucial if you want better rankings and increased visibility on the SERP( Search Engine Result Page). Additionally, you can also read this article “Add Anchor Links in WordPress“.

Boost SERP ranking with schema markup

Bookmark the structured data tools

There are various structured data testing tools such that it will help you in building and testing the structure data of your site.

With Schema.org, you will be able to find a structured data mark up. By using the structured data markup helper, you will be able to make specific kinds of structured data mark up. A different identity could be given to the web page on the search engine result page.

Picking a page for marking up

Picking a page from markup helps in listing the content as per the priority of the browsers. Hence the top-selling products will appear first and pages that have less valuable content will rank lower. I suggest you use the Google Analytics tool to enhance searchability and indexing.

Structured data mark-up creation

After you have created a list, the next step is to make the structuring of data in the list. For instance, if you are searching for “top-selling shoes” on a website, you have to filter the shoes as per the choices like size, color, and kind of shoes

Increase avg session duration by structured data

If you need people to remain on your site, you need to use structured data. However, while using structured data (a standard format to markup data on the website) you are required to give appropriate information to the browsers.

It is proven that users are more likely to stay a website when they find relevant information regarding the search. So with the help of schema markup it is easier for them to looks for relevant information regarding the products on your website.


As you know the competition on the digital platform is immense, it is highly crucial for your website to rank in the first few pages of SERPs to obtain adequate attention. Else it will get lost in the sea of related links and web pages.

Once you are absolute with the types of schema in SEO and know the significance of schema markup, you will definitely improve your website ranking.

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