Best WordPress Security Plugins for Site Protection in 2021

Best WordPress Security Plugins for Site Protection in 2021

Wanna keep hackers at bay in 2021? We have crafted the list of best WordPress security plugins.

This blog post is all regarding how you can secure your WordPress website by adding a layer of security with the help of WordPress plugins.

In past, we have discussed several distinct WordPress Vulnerabilities. We already know the main reason behind such vulnerability is abandoned or outdated plugins. Now, you might be thinking what is the best security plugin for WordPress?

There are hundreds of plugins available for WordPress to protect your WordPress website against various web vulnerabilities.

Why Do You Need WordPress Security Plugins?

The security of a website shouldn’t be taken for granted. The number of cases of websites getting hacked is growing day by day. There are several ways to hack some of the most common ones are: Brute Force Attacks, DDoS Attacks, etc.

In some cases your website may get hacked and blacklisted in Google’s database and in worst case your SEO is lost. Google Ads will be disapproved due to malware present in website.

Hacked website can result in:

  • Unable to visit the website or log in to wp-admin
  • Website access loss,
  • Data loss
  • Theft of private data
  • Using your website as a medium to distribute malicious code or WordPress ransomware
  • The sudden increase in the number of WordPress errors on your website. some of the most common website errors incorporate:- 503 Service Unavailable Error, Parse Error: Syntax Error Unexpected, error while establishing a connection to the database, etc.

Meanwhile, you can read this blog post “How to Find Malware In Your Website?” to check whether your website is infected with malware or not.

Now, let’s see some of the best WordPress security plugins that can help in keeping your website secure against threat actors.

What Are the Best WordPress Security Plugins?

So which security plugin offers all-around WordPress protection and is ideal for you. Let’s have a look at the popular WordPress security plugins:


Sucuri is the best free WordPress security plugin available on the market. This security plugin justifies its popularity.

Sucuri Features:

  • Clean malware at no added cost
  • Easy to setup in your WordPress dashboard
  • Perform malware scanning
  • Efficient security hardening
  • Few plans offer protection against DDoS attack
  • Can minimize server load time and enhance
  • Secures your website against SQL Injections, XSS and known attacks

The Sucuri plugin comes in both free and paid versions. Pro version is available for $299/year.


Another popular all-rounder WordPress security plugin on our list is the Jetpack. This well-known plugin allows you to easily scan your site for security vulnerabilities and has more than 5 million active installs.

Jetpack Features:

  • Real-time backups (save every change you do on your website)
  • 1-click restore to get back your website online instantly
  • Activity logs (tells you how your website got broken)
  • Spam protection (block spam comments)
  • Protection against brute force attacks and harmful malware

The Jetpack plugin comes in both free and paid versions. Pro version is available for $19.95/ month (billed annually).


Wordfence is a free plugin that has some exceptional features that protect your WordPress website without you having to spend a cent.

Wordfence Feature:

  • No limitations for number of websites you can use this plugin on
  • Provides protection against bruteforce attacks with limited number of login attempts.
  • Runs on your server rather than being cloud oriented so could slow your website.

Wordfence is available as a free or paid plugin. The paid version is priced from $99/yr.


Hopefully, this list of the best WordPress security plugins helped you find the best security tool for you.

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