Best eCommerce Testing Services – Why Do We Need It?

eCommerce testing services

In this article, we will be looking at some of the best eCommerce testing Services and will be discussing why do we need those services. So let’s get started.

eCommerce Testing is the method to just test an eCommerce site based on several factors.

Prior to launching, you need to utilize and surf the site a lot, to verify the stability and reliability of several elements, links, text boxes, pages, CRM, ERP, and all the components that are required for the functioning of an eCommerce store.

Regardless of the platform(Magento, Prestashop, WordPress) you use to make an eCommerce store, it requires professional eCommerce testing service.

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What eCommerce Testing Services actually do?

The eCommerce testing services providers have got a massive list of tests and tasks that need to be completed on the site to identify the flaws and problems.

This is to ensure that the eCommerce app/site is operating at its complete potential and the user will not face any error. There is no need to go public and then identify that your visitors are facing errors and issues.

We can split the tests into the categories as follows:

  • Functional Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Mobile Application Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • A/B testing

Functional Testing

Functional Testing implies such a test where the working of the site is tested. All the functions pertaining to an eCommerce website will be tested. There are several functions that the user takes lightly, however removing ant one of the function will impact the sales.

Usability Testing

The owner has to ensure that his / her site is usable. Several times the websites are too unorganized that it becomes quite difficult to look for a favorable item or product. Images break abruptly or the search doesn’t work effectively. Site usability also comes under ranking factors, hence it is necessary to keep site usability as good as possible.

Security Testing

Security testing is done to make sure the store is secure for the user’s transactions. The client will utilize the credit cards and other payment methods, and it is a liability of the store owners to safeguard the client’s data.

In order to check the eCommerce store’s security, the eCommerce testing services are used. These services try to inject malicious scripts, hack the site, and steal information.

Mobile Application Testing

The eCommerce testing companies assure that the online store is responsive and is loading at all devices. They ensure that the functionality, speed, performance and usability of the stays intact for various device variants.

Performance Testing

How will the e-commerce website perform during peak season? The eCommerce testing companies flood in a huge amount of concurrent traffic at the store to verify whether the site will crash or not.

Additionally, how the speed of the site is changing, or is it consistent? How fast can the order be bought through a website or an app, and how quick is the checkout process?

A/B testing

With an A/B testing, it offers the optimal method to set the site’s element for maximum profitability.

By running A/B testing you can know whether a square button or an oval button will grab more clicks. For better efficiency, several A/B tests need to be done.

Best eCommerce Testing Services

You can either perform all the tasks manually or hire an eCommerce testing services provider that will have tools and team of testing experts to analyze the site properly.


Founded in 2014, Credible has quite swiftly obtained a good position in the software testing market. The company won the “Clutch Top Software Testing Firm” in 2016 and has extended its service portfolio.

CredibleSoft utilizes several tools to test the eCommerce site’s performance. Such as Spur, Crazy Egg, Google PageSpeed Insights, Optimizely, FiveSecondTest, BrowserStack, CrossBrowserTesting,Monitor.us, Xenu Link Sleuth, SauceLabs.

Some of the eCommerce tests performed by Credible

  • UI and User Experience Testing
  • PCI Preparedness
  • Holiday Readiness Testing
  • Ecommerce Automation Testing
  • Credit Card Testing
  • A/B test
  • Surveillance testing


Founded in 2013, Testbytes has become one of the prominent software quality testing providers in a short period.

Almost 100 employees work in Testbytes, and a maximum of them are qualified engineers. Testbytes does the quality tests for all kinds of programs and software. Yet, they have a strong base on eCommerce site testing

TestBytes does not just test the functionality of the eCommerce site, however, it verifies the complete performance and user experience of the store. They take each and every aspect of the eCommerce store aside and then test it to obtain precise outcomes.

  • Database testing
  • M-commerce Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Automation Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Payment gateway testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Cross-browser Testing


Identifying the faults in an eCommerce store is crucial, and shouldn’t be taken for granted. A button placement can increase the revenue of a website. However, you need to find the use of the button.

If you are planning to invest in store and want to give the best shot, we recommend you utilize eCommerce testing services.

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