Benefits Of Choosing SSD Web Hosting For Your Business

Benefits of Choosing SSD Web Hosting

In current times, SSD has grabbed attention and popularity as data storage technology and is also popular in web hosting. So we will be discussing the advantages of choosing SSD web Hosting.

Before that we will understand what SSD is

What is SSD?

The full form of SSD is Solid-State Drive. SSD uses flash memory to store data on the drive and has no moving parts. Because of this, your drive is capable of read / write data at a faster rate and that too without heating much. As a result it consumes less energy as compared to HDD (Hard Disk Drive). 

Advantages of SSD

There may be various reasons for choosing SSD Web Hosting for your business. We will be discussing it later. For now, we will see the benefits of SSD:

High Performance

SSD drive reads data directly from the storage area. SSD is different from HDD as there no magnetic disks or rotation heads and the read/ write of SSD is faster. As a result, the performance of SSD is enhanced

Hardware Reliability 

SSD is free of distortions as SSD has no moving parts or read/write head. Hence SSDs are more reliable and efficient.

Faster Speed

SSD is 300% faster than HDD drive as it utilizes flash memory to store data. The functions incorporate response time, Read/Write time, also the time taken for file transfer, etc. Additionally, the boost time for SSD Is merely 10-13 seconds which is way less than HDD.

Less Power Consumption

SSD is more environmentally friendly as the average power drawn by SSD is less than 2W. So it saves energy by reducing power consumption.

How choosing SSD web hosting will benefit you?

By choosing SSD web hosting you get lower power consumption, blistering fast website, enhanced performance, and many more.

Additionally, 10GB Hosting launched SSD based hosting with Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting. Both our hosting options offer enhanced efficiency, high-performance server, cPanel/ Plesk, and many more.

The option to choose between Linux SSD Hosting and Managed VPS is completely based on your website requirements. All these characteristics make SSD Web Hosting an ideal choice.

We hope that this article helped you to understand the benefits of choosing SSD Web Hosting.