6 Signs That Demonstrate Need to Upgrade Hosting Plan

Hosting Plan

In this article, we will be discussing a few signs that demonstrate the need to upgrade the hosting plan. So let’s begin.

Usually, startups choose shared hosting as the type of web hosting because shared hosting is cost-efficient and beginner-friendly. But with shared hosting, you get a limited amount of resources, and the same server host multiple websites. So your website might slow down whenever there is an instant traffic spike of a website hosted on your server.

Additionally, in shared hosting, you neither get the flexibility to customize your server as per your website requirements nor you get a guarantee of security of your website. Hence to surmount these problems the businesses favor switching to a VPS server or dedicated server. Both these servers offer higher or more resources that shared hosting server. So with these additional resources, you get a more enhanced website.

In case you currently have a shared hosting plan and your website grows, then its time you should upgrade your web hosting resources. However, you don’t know if it’s time to upgrade your web hosting plan? Here I have suggested a few signs that will indicate that you have outgrown your web hosting resources.

Signs you have outgrown your hosting plan

Slow speed during peak hours

Nowadays it has become the habit of several businesses to plan special activities during festivals or weekends. Several users beforehand create a wish list to take maximum benefits of special discounts on such occasions. Imagine on such occasions your website is running slow. How much dissatisfied your user will be?

Not only on these even on normal days, visitors of a site anticipate any website to load swiftly. For instance, if you have an e-commerce store, your website speed should be good as the main purpose of e-commerce to save time. A slow website will surely be an obstacle for your online store.

Additionally, a VPS hosting server lets you customize your resources as per the requirements of your website.

Sudden traffic spike

Increased traffic on your website could be a worrisome situation if you are not prepared for it. The shared hosting plan might be sufficient for a low traffic website. However, if you are a website that has more traffic then it would be wise to upgrade to dedicated hosting in UK or VPS hosting.

Custom needs

If your website needs are not fulfilled by a shared hosting plan or else you have custom needs. Then shift to am ore controlled environment. With VPS or dedicated server, you get full root access of your server by which you can tweak OS and do some additional changes.

Limited security features

One of the major concern of shared hosting is Security.

More website visitors means more business revenue. However, chances of data theft gets high especially if your hosting is shared hosting.

But with VPS or dedicated server you have inbuilt security options so as to secure your website from security threats or attacks.

Surplus downtime

Downtime is one of the major factor that website lose their visitors and finally their revenue.

Downtime= loss of revenue

Though 1% or 2% of downtime is tolerable for a few websites. But if downtime is common then you need to contact your web hosting provider.

Web host suspends your website

There might be several reasons why your website has been taken down from the internet. The following are few reasons :

  • Failure in paying your hosting bill
  • Detected suspicious activity on your account
  • Your site has been infected

However, there are also few web hosts that will suspend your account if you surpass the usage limit. To avoid this I suggest you choose a hosting provider that offers flexibility, unlimited bandwidth, and scaling.


Your website is the core of your business, so it is necessary to ensure that your hosting plan is suitable. Based on your type of business, you should make the appropriate choice. Additionally, you can read this guide on a profitable reseller hosting business.

Hence, if you are experiencing any of the above warnings listed above then its time that you upgrade your hosting plan.