Laravel vs WordPress: Which One is Better?

Laravel vs WordPress

WordPress is a popular content management system with over 40% market share. On the other hand, Laravel, a PHP framework developed in 2011, is an excellent platform for developing custom websites and applications.

Picking up between the two technologies can take time and effort. Hence, we have curated a blog explaining the difference between Laravel Vs WordPress, helping you make informed decisions.

With any further ado, let’s briefly discuss WordPress and Laravel.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a PHP-based content management system developed by WordPress Foundation in May 2003. It is a popular CMS business owners and bloggers use to develop attractive, high-performance websites with minimal coding.

With many themes and plugins available on WordPress, you can effortlessly manage, update the content and customize the website as per your needs. All these features while writing little or no code.

What is Laravel?

Laravel is a PHP-based open-source platform that allows users to develop web applications. Laravel incorporates several new features such as routing, localization, views, authentication, models, and sessions; also the Blade template engine and inversion of control. Laravel follows Symphony’s architecture

Laravel offers various features like support for IDMS (integrated database management system), Artisan CLI, event management support, testability, Object-relational mapper, e-mail sending facilities, etc.

Let’s understand the difference between Laravel Vs WordPress.

Similarities Between Laravel and WordPress

While both Laravel and WordPress are used to develop websites, they also share a few similarities as follows:

  • Both technologies are based on the PHP language
  • Efficiently create flexible websites
  • WordPress and Laravel, are free and open-source

Now, let’s compare Laravel Vs WordPress.

Comparing Laravel Vs WordPress

WordPress is an excellent choice for bloggers or simple websites whereas Laravel is ideal for complex and customized web applications. Now, let’s compare Laravel Vs WordPress.

Launch YearJune 2011May 2003
CreatorTaylor OtwellMike Little & Matt Mullenweg
LicenseMIT License GNU (General Public License)
Current Version9.06.1
Popular AmongDevelopers use this popular PHP frameworkMostly, bloggers use this platform
Database systemMySQL, Postgres, SQLite, and SQLMySQL
FeaturesMultilingual Support REST API compatibility, Blade templatingSimplicity, User Management, Flexibility, Easy and Advanced publishing tools, Simple theme system
GitHub Star Ratings71.7k stars16.9k stars
Laravel Vs WordPress comparison (Source: Google)


While Laravel and WordPress have their own use cases, WordPress is easier to use and has more options to complete a single task. Furthermore, WordPress has a large community and is used by beginners as well as advanced users.

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